John Coxon & Associates comprises a group of experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the healthcare, aged care and not-for-profit sectors. Our consultants work individually or they can come together to form project teams to guide you towards a solution.

As a consultancy we are guided by the principles of the Appreciative Inquiry framework and the Tipu Ake leadership model. What does this imply? It implies we believe the solution to an issues lies within your organisation.

Our role is to facilitate the process of discovery and guide implementation of new practices. We tap into the collective wisdom and knowledge of your people.

For those situations where you know there is an issue but don’t know the root cause of the issue we have developed an Integrated Management Process.


As consultants we help clients:

  • Future visioning/planning, specifically with small not-for-profit organisations, whereby;
  • We guide the board and management through a process of idenitify what they are good at, what they want to be better at and then developing a vision of their future
  • Develop management capacity, including;

o   Leadership & Management reviews

o   Cultural and management surveys

o   Organisational reviews

  • Create an effective workplace, including;

o   Developing HR procedures and processes

o   Mapping management capabilities

o   Recruiting and interview managers

o   Job design

o   Creating developmental pathways

o   Measuring performance

o   Succession planning

o   Exit interviews

  • Operational management, including
      • Effective workplace practices
      • Minimising wastage/costs
      • Reducing workplace stress
      • Program evaluation
      • Social venture strategies

Click here to view details of our associate consultants and areas of experience


Our coaching/mentoring processes are evidence-based. This means our methodologies are based upon validated behavioural theories and practice and our intervention is sought due to evidence of a need to change. The outcome of coaching/mentoring is a change of management behavior. Working one-to-one with executives to develop advanced leadership and management competencies. The aim of coachin/mentoring is to develop potential through effective management behaviours. We guarantee the outcomes of all our coaching/mentoring programs. We will refund our fee if we fail to achieved the agreed upon outcomes.


Our professional development programs include;

  • Frontline Manager Development Program, led by John Coxon, an experienced management coach, this program has been designed to address the unique management environment in the Community & Healthcare sectors
  • Workplace Wellbeing Program for Mental Health/AOD Service Managers, a mentoring and development program for service managers, led by Kerri Lawrence, a registered mentor for Australian Health Executives, designed to help develop workplaces that minimise stress and burnout
  • Living Systems Thinking – New Tools for Growing, Vibrant Organisations, led by Peter Goldsbury, internationally renown consultant and project manager and project leader for the Tipu Ake leadership program
  • Mentor – self facilitated peer mentoring for your entire management team. Short, focused group discussions on management topics. Choose from our menu of topics. Briefing sheet provided. No consultants, no reading and no assignments. Just the power of conversation.
  • Dealing With Difficult People and Get Savvy To Workplace Stress, led by Janice Davies, author, management coach, workplace facilitator and founder of International Self Esteem Day.

These programs are available as in-house events. To obtain an information kit email


We use a mixture of Open Space and Appreciative Inquiry during planning sessions to explore issues and to identify solutions during;

  • Board retreats and strategic planning
  • Executive team building
  • Performance and effectiveness reviews

To discuss how we might work with your management group please telephone John Coxon on +61 0427 390 376



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