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Principal consultant for John Coxon & Associates, a management consultancy working with boards and management teams in healthcare, aged care and not for profit organisations to develop effective strategic planning processes and social enterprise business plans

Blurring the lines between profit and not-for-profit

For decades the traditional perspective has been that businesses are there to make money – the Milton Friedman theory – and charitable organisations exist for the purpose of solving social problems. This is all starting to change. Globally a new … Continue reading

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Power to the people

Using SARA – Shock, Anger, Resistance, Acceptance to work through workplace issues and engaging staff in decisions that affect their future Continue reading

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Don’t blame people for being stingy

According to Australian Tax Office statistics, around 64% of Australian’s do not donate anything to any charity. Of those that do donate, the average donation is less than 1% of income. It is easy to blame people for being stingy. … Continue reading

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When does a board take responsibility?

Recent reports of a private school in Melborne, Victoria calling in administrators and facing possible closure due to its banks refusing to continue providing credit. The school is reportedly $18M in debt. According to media reports almost two years ago … Continue reading

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Preparing people for responsibility

Succession planning and development planning for people with potential is one of the keys to creating a sustainable organisation. Continue reading

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West Coast DHB works hard to meet stakeholder demands

Health care providers in any country, especially those funded by Government face often conflicting demands from stakeholders. The demand for health services continues to rise, thus increasing both the cost and the demand for funding, while the taxation bucket that … Continue reading

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Taking control of communications

stakeholder communication is a management responsibility; not taking responsibility for communication is negligent management and exposes nonprofit organisations to risk Continue reading

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