The Greeter


Whenever I walk into our local Bunnings store, I’m greeted by a staff member at the door, with a warm welcome and sometimes even a farewell, please come again. I swear one day the greeter will remember my first name and offer me a discount at the sausage sizzle in the car park!

All jokes aside. What does it mean to me to be greeted in this manner? Two things. The first is I feel welcome and acknowledged. I an no longer anonymous. It makes me feel good. Secondly, I am aware that if I have a question as I enter the store there is someone right there to provide an answer.

I’ve been a weekly shopper at Bunnings for the past decade. I love Bunnings. Around me Mitre 10’s and independent hardware retailers have hit the wall. I don’t wonder why.

So what is my point here? Imagine if as I walked into a hospital, all concerned and nervous and just a little pissed off at having to pay for my car parking space and I am greeted by a warm, enthusiastic person at the front door. Imagine if my hospital made me feel as welcome as Bunnings does.

This could be achieved by using volunteers. It has got to be better than approaching an office worker hiding behind a glass screen bogged down with telephones and paperwork. It would enable the office worker to be more efficient due to less interruptions.

It just goes to show how the simple things can have the greatest impact.

Those are my thoughts for the day.

Let The Journey Continue

John Coxon


About John Coxon

Principal consultant for John Coxon & Associates, a management consultancy working with boards and management teams in healthcare, aged care and not for profit organisations to develop effective strategic planning processes and social enterprise business plans
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