Obligations of management

As a rash of businesses in all sectors let go of staff and others look at closing up shop altogether I got to thinking about the obligations of management.

Then I read a research report today which linked management behaviours to productivity. The report essentially links management behaviour high performance over a variety of areas. The research also showed that of those firms surveyed around 60% had low performance in all areas. What does that say about the management behaviours in those firms?

What do we expect of our managers? I believe people managers to look out for them, to treat them with respect and dignity, as human beings and to engage them in the daily processes. I believe also they expect their managers to fight for their future. Afterall in most instances only those in a management role have access to all the information that informs a decision.

How many times have employees in general felt their management team gave up; that it was easier for management to sacrifice workers than it was to get up and fight?

A management team that gives up is morally corrupt. As a team they have abdicated their responsibilities to those they are supposed to support and nurture. Likely in the case of public companies they have also abdicated their responsibilities to stakeholders.

The research suggests those poor performing organisations are the ones most likely to go belly up. Which means we continue to recycle poor managers and impose their mediocrity upon the workforce all over again.

Is there a solution? Yes there is. Firstly recruit people into management roles based upon leadership characteristics and behaviours as much as technical knowledge. Then reduce the number of managers by having management focus upon developing others to be the best they can be; to take personal responsibility for their own outcomes.

One really effective manager will achieve a great deal more than five or six ineffective managers. It is time to get rid of all those middle managers and senior executives that lack leadership behaviours.

Those are my thoughts for the day.

Let The Journey Continue

John Coxon


About John Coxon

Principal consultant for John Coxon & Associates, a management consultancy working with boards and management teams in healthcare, aged care and not for profit organisations to develop effective strategic planning processes and social enterprise business plans
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