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The brave world of the self employed

This is a topic I can speak on with some authority; having been self employed for eighteen of the past thirty eight years. Not all in one stretch mind you. Every now and then I get a rush of blood … Continue reading

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Thinking about leadership

As I watch events unfold following the earthquake in Christchurch my thoughts turn to leadership and what defines leadership in a crisis? What have I seen? Firstly there are those individuals who in the first terrifying moments rushed to the … Continue reading

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Culture begins at the top

Dr Levy, Chair of Waitemata and Auckland District Health Boards had this to say, “Two-thirds of our complaints are about staff attitudes and bad communication. We need to be kind and considerate to all of our patients, even if we … Continue reading

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Nurse managers focus on patient care in USA

A recent survey of Nurse Managers in the USA by Studer Group for Healthleaders showed Nurse Managers have an overwhelming focus on patient care and satisfaction, closely followed by cost control. This is admirable, however you would expect to see … Continue reading

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Develop cross functional teams

Building a team from scratch has the advantage of meaning you are not stuck with those that do not contribute to the team activities and outcomes. At the same time building a team takes time; which may detract you from … Continue reading

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Developing human capital

Mary and her manager, Paul, are meeting to discuss Paul’s concerns about the level of turnover in Mary’s workgroup and the impact this is having on the group’s ability to achieve program outcomes. Paul explains to Mary that he began … Continue reading

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Make Yourself Into An MVP

How do you create value in the workplace? For the young guns it is relatively easy, they are energetic, full of bright ideas, tech savvy and running. The greater challenge is for those in 40+ age group that have been … Continue reading

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