The First 90 Days

How well do you treat your new employees during their first three months on the job? Do you have an interesting induction process or is it boring and unforgettable? Do you even have an effective induction process?

Follow this link for a brief overview of how to induct new employees into an organisation –

The first 90 days are critical. The aim is to transition a new employee to full effectiveness during this time, so that when they reach their probationary review they have started to make a contribution and can be judged on their impact.

While some organisations go over the top with examples of first day induction, many, many others completely underwhelm their new employees. They just assume someone will fit in, will find their way around or who to go for to get information. They even assume a new recruit, through some process of osmosis will be aware that they were expected to be at a meeting at 2pm on their first day.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone new – as you were once. What info might you need on your first day? What info might you want prior to even arriving? What events or processes is a new person expected to take part in during the first week.

I like the idea of providing new employees with ‘goodies’ at the end of their first day. Many years ago I worked at Polaroid. When I started I recall someone handing me a bunch of cameras and a box of film, along with instructions to take it home, play around and have fun. Guess what I had to talk about for the next three months when visiting clients?

So if I was to begin work for your organisation tomorrow this is what I would expect.

In advance

An info pack containing key contact names, emails, mobile phone numbers and a summary of their area of knowledge and activity. Including everyone on the team I would be assigned to work with. Also a memo containing details of information I need to provide to HR or Payroll or anyone else for that matter.

Day of arrival

  • Introduction to my team, opp to sit and chat with each person, get overview of what they are involved with, introduce myself
  • Introduction to key senior managers
  • Tour of facility, overview of operations
  • A nominated buddy that I can spend time with, go to for advice
  • A meeting with my immediate managers at the end of the first day to start planning for my future
  • A coffee hour with my team – when work is put to one side – at the end of the first day
  • An opportunity to work along side other team members throughout the first week so that I can see how the pieces fit together. Similarly, an invitation to sit in on other team meetings for the same purpose.

Beyond the first week, I would expect a mentor to be provided to guide me through the first three months.

I wouldn’t want much, just to be made to feel welcome, to be treated with dignity, to be encouraged to contribute, to be allowed to learn and to set myself up for a long, productive and rewarding time with your organisation.

Those are my thoughts for the day

Let The Journey Continue

John Coxon



About John Coxon

Principal consultant for John Coxon & Associates, a management consultancy working with boards and management teams in healthcare, aged care and not for profit organisations to develop effective strategic planning processes and social enterprise business plans
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