Disability manager develops management strategies

L. is a manager in a disability organisation. Early in 2010 L. discussed with her CEO her disillusionment with her role and how things had turned out. L. felt all her past management experiences were not helping in her current role and that she was failing as a manager. L. found herself being sucked into other people’s conflicts and as such was unable to focus on achieving a positive workplace. Her CEO recommended L talk to one of our management coaches.

Over the next twelve months L. worked with a management coach, meeting monthly and with additional support where needed. L’s. coach adopted Dr Tony Grant’s 12-step coaching framework where the person being coached begins by identifying their own personal values and those things that irritate them the most. This lead L. through a process of identifying some goals and outcomes. In addition the coach provided L. with opportunities to explore a variety of management strategies and space for reflection.

The success of this coaching was due to two critical factors. L. accepted from the outset that she was the problem. That if she were to continue behaving as in the past then the outcomes would remain the same. L. also committed to looking at her management behaviours and trying different behaviours, maintaining a journal and reflecting upon what she had observed.

Success was observed in other ways. L. regained her enjoyment in her role. People in her work group became more positive. L. secured a salary increase and perhaps most importantly, L. recieved the following email from a departing group member . . .

“I’ve had a great time at ******* and I thank you for your support both professionally and personally during my time here. It’s nice to be leaving on a ‘high note’ with what looks to be a positive and empowering environment for ******* clients. I also appreciate your efforts in making staff feel more valued and establishing a more cohesive workplace,”

For more on management coaching visit http://www.johncoxon.com.au or email john@johncoxon.com.au


About John Coxon

Principal consultant for John Coxon & Associates, a management consultancy working with boards and management teams in healthcare, aged care and not for profit organisations to develop effective strategic planning processes and social enterprise business plans
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